Featured Theorist

M.G. Smith 


M.G. Smith's anthropological work and theorizing on the Caribbean society has become a staple theory in Caribbean anthorpology and sociology. In this Plural Society Theory Smith argues that the Caribbean region with its variable people groups constitutes the Plural Society. In other words, islands such as Trinidad for example in which there are different ethnic groups i.e people descended from one or more ethnie (a socio-cultural group distinguished by language, culture, nationality) are in reality a Plural Society. Smith was born (of mixed heritage British and Jamaican) Michal Garfield Smith in 1921 in Jamaica. Smith was a Jamaican island scholar, this took him to Mc Gill University Canada in 1939, where he studied English Literature. Smith would later serve as a volunteer in the Canadian army during World War II. Although Smith had persued studies in law he soon bacme disillusioned with the discipline and switched to anthropology which became his trademark discipline. In 1951 he obtained his Phd. from the University College of London. Altogether, M.G. Smith served as the head of various social science departments at numerous Universities. His theorizing on the Caribbean society has been one of his lasting contributions to Caribbean sociology amongst other disciplines.